Nerd Pursuits


I've become obsessed with weight loss. I'm not sure if it's an entirely healthy obsession either. Health is the end goal but I wonder if I'm depriving myself too much. By the same token I'm in week 8 or so of my "diet" my diet is merely counting calories. This

Up at night

Once again I cannot get to sleep. I don't know precisely the cause, but it usually happens at least once a week. I can't nail down a reason at the moment. I usually chalk it up to not finding the right temperature to fall asleep. Perhaps it's a problem with

Priorities as of 2/27

Short-Term Sleep Doctor's appt tomorrow AM Trip to NY State Ongoing Being a good father Losing weight Being more deliberate I'm hoping after a restful night's sleep we get the green light from the doctors to head to upstate NY. My wife is shaving her head again for St. Baldrick's

Good Ol' Fashioned Blog

I started this blog out of boredom to a certain degree. I was inspired idea of creating content instead of being merely a consumer. So I'll be creating posts about life, consumerism, technology, minimalism, sports, whiskey, gadgets. Eventually this will be pared down to a more manageable list.

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