Nerd Pursuits


I've become obsessed with weight loss. I'm not sure if it's an entirely healthy obsession either. Health is the end goal but I wonder if I'm depriving myself too much. By the same token I'm in week 8 or so of my "diet" my diet is merely counting calories. This is usually where I start to fall off or falter.

I've lost 23 pounds. Looking in the mirror today reminded me I still have ~45 pounds to go. My motto through this has been slow and steady. I don't want to lose 40 pounds in 40 days. That just means I'll gain the weight back. It seems like the scale is judge, jury and executioner. I'm trying to find NSV (non-scale victories) anywhere I can. Tightening another notch on my belt, having clothes fit better, turning down dessert, going off the rails one day but getting right back to it the next.

Saying I lost 23 pounds sounds great, and it is. However when I started I was at 248. The fact that I had even let myself go to 248 was a big disappointment. I had gotten down to 227 over the summer. Right before vacation and then with vacation I went off the rails and never came back. The app/website I use is FatSecret. MyFitnessPal doesn't appeal to me for some reason even though it's much more popular. Looking at my weight history. I first joined the website back in 2009 when I tipped the scales at 200 pounds. It took me close to 50 pounds more to realize I had a problem. Or rather to take action to remedy the problem.

This post was so unorganized and not theme or continuity. The type of ramblings best suited for a blog.