Nerd Pursuits

Priorities as of 2/27


  • Sleep
  • Doctor's appt tomorrow AM
  • Trip to NY State


  • Being a good father
  • Losing weight
  • Being more deliberate

I'm hoping after a restful night's sleep we get the green light from the doctors to head to upstate NY. My wife is shaving her head again for St. Baldrick's which is a relatively new charity founded in 2004.

Looking at my ongoing goals, I really took advantage of the weather on Saturday before the rain and cold came in. I was able to get Rachel out of the house for a couple of short walks. I feel bad for not taking advantage of the weather more last summer. I was always distracting myself with one thing or another instead of appreciating what's around me. Of course getting out for walks ties perfectly into the second goal. Right now I've lost 18 pounds, but even more mind boggling is how I ballooned to 248 in the first place. It'll be a slow and steady journey to 180. It took years for me to put on 70 pounds to expect them to melt away in a few weeks or months is not realistic. Counting calories has really helped me realize how much snacking was really setting me back. Eating to me was such a mindless activity. I would and still could graze on chips, crackers and heaping portions for every meal. Eat half of a pizza, drink copious amounts of soda or beer. For the past six weeks I've been very deliberate in my eating habits and this has been translating well into my impulsive spending habits. I still have these impulses and urges but now I catch myself and think twice or even thrice before taking action. One of these days I may even strictly follow the grocery list. :)